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KABANOS reveals new album details

piątek, 07 sierpnia 2015 10:41

Polish debilcore-rockmetallers KABANOS will release "Balonowy Album" on September 15 via their own label "Wesołe Baloniki". The follow-up to 2014's "Dramat Współczesny" was recorded and mixed by Ildefons Walikogut (Dramat Współczesny, Na Pudle) while Marcin "Marchewa" Mackiewicz (Flaki z Olejem, Kiełbie we Łbie) took care of vocals.


"This is our worst album" - said Zenek Kupatasa in interview for Fabryka Zespołów, but then stating on his own facebook page, that he's "in love with that record, and it's very good".


Band guitarist Mirek Łopata said: "I will not listen to this album, Zenek took off some of my finest guitar solos, so fuck off".


Zenek also enlisted a surprising array of guests to help achieve his vision. The one and only legendary Mirosław "Zacier" Jędras lends his throat to "Balony" and "Folwark zwierzęcy", while radio monkey Piotr "Makak" Szarłacki brings total alcoholic destruction in "Ballada o Zenku".


Long known as one of modern debilcore most potent live acts, Kabanos will celebrate "Balonowy Album" with an epic worldwide tour, that will begin in London, UK on September 19, and end in Warsaw, Poland at Stodola, "Grande Finale" on December 5. All dates will be announced shortly.


The first single "Mamo, jest mi tu dobrze" will surface on-line soon with video from scenes captured by fans at 21th Przystanek Woodstock. The second single "Balony", and the third single "Gruby grubas (oj tam, oj tam)" will appear shortly afterwards.


"Balonowy album" track listing.


01 ? Mamo, jest mi tu dobrze (04:58)
02 ? Hortensja chce być brzydka (04:37)
03 ? Gruby grubas (oj tam, oj tam) (03:14)
04 ? Ballada o Zenku (04:06)
05 ? Balony (03:56)
06 ? Moja piosenka (laszuraburej i laszuraba) (06:05)
07 ? Wyspa wygłupów (03:50)
08 ? Nie umiem nic (02:48)
09 ? Oszołomy (03:35)
10 ? Krav maga (03:30)
11 ? Folwark zwierzęcy (05:05)


The cover artwork was created & designed by Zenek and longtime Kabanos cover artist Czarny Jobacz.


"We teamed up once again with Jobacz to push the boundaries of debilcore as far as we can." said Zenek. "And he's very cheap, and have no idea about how much money he should take for his work, so it's always a good choice for penny-pinchers like Kabanos".


Kabanos's fifth studio album stands as a long gestaging creative milestone for the acclaimed band. The collection of power pogo songs, and melody hooks are beyond awesome and will tear you apart. You will fly with balloons on September 15.



by Zenek Kupatasa ;)




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